Renovation loans are available whether you’re funding improvements to your existing property or a home you’re purchasing.

Some properties need a little extra TLC. Others may just need a few added features to become your ideal home. In either scenario, SWBC Mortgage understands the importance of these improvements or repairs. With our renovation mortgage loans, you’ll find the right solution to finance the purchase or refinance of a home and renovation costs through a single mortgage.

Renovation loan highlights:

Property Type
RefinanceMost residential properties
Most residential properties
SavingsMost residential properties
Property Requirements
1–4 units primary residence; 1 unit second home or investment property
Single-family owner-occupied home; 1–2 units
SavingsSingle-family owner-occupied home; 1–2 units
Loan Type
RefinancePurchase or refinance
Purchase or refinance
SavingsPurchase or refinance
Minimum Renovation Amount
Maximum Renovation Amount
Refinance75% of the appraised property value**
No limit on repair**
SavingsUp to $35,000 in renovation costs
Loan Type

*Requires HUD consultant selected by SWBC Mortgage Corporation

**Subject to county loan limits

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