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Shane Kimbrough

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Thank you for giving me the chance to be your mortgage loan officer. Whether it is your first home or your fiftieth, I am here to help you choose a loan program and to guide you through the homebuying process.

My Experience

I realize your time is valuable so I appreciate you taking a moment to familiarize yourself with me and, more importantly, how I can benefit and help you!

Normally, this is where I would tell you all the positives: how talented I am, how many years of experience I have, what my education is, that I’m state licensed, etc. Instead of boring you with all of that, I’m going to cut to the chase. If you’re reading this, chances are someone—a co-worker, relative, friend, or a real estate agent—has referred you to me. Trust them that you can trust me. My philosophy is simple, yet different from most. I work for YOU during (and after) your transaction; not the investor, not your real estate agent, not the title company, just YOU! We will discuss your goals, decide together on the best path, and then proceed accordingly. I’ll handle the details and, perhaps most importantly, I’ll do everything within my power to ensure that all other involved parties handle the details as well. My goal will always be to meet your goals on time with as little stress for you as possible. People often ask me how I manage to avoid all the typical problems that most lenders seem to have. The answer: I anticipate and solve the issues prior to them ever becoming problems.

Whether you’re considering a purchase or a refinance, give me a call. I’ll make your fifteen minutes worthwhile; I promise!

How it Works

Step 1: Share your goals

Buying or refinancing a home can be overwhelming. Contact me to chat about your homeownership goals. 

Step 2: Easily Apply

Apply online through TurnKey®, our simple and secure mobile-friendly application.

Step 3: Explore Your Options

With a clear picture of your goals and finances, we’ll find a loan program that best fits your needs.

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This was our first home purchase and everything was above our expectations and we couldn’t have been happier with the process!

Dallon M.

Everything was great. Very professional staff with good communication.

Adilene M.

You guys just nailed it! Awesome.

Cesar M.

Thank you! I wish I started with you earlier. Very knowledgeable team.

Jocelyn C.

Everything was perfect, we really appreciate SWBC for their hard work.

Bahadir E.

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