SWBC Mortgage | Rick Holmes

Having begun my mortgage career more than 20 years ago, I can help with all aspects of mortgage financing--whether for purchasing your first home or your dream home, refinancing an existing home loan, or investing in real estate. I am dedicated to customer satisfaction and understand that buying a home can be an exciting yet hectic process. My philosophy is that buying a home is a significant event in your life, on par with changing jobs, getting married, or having a child, so I work hard to try to keep the mortgage portion smooth and stress free.

The need for knowledge is incredibly important, because the mortgage options and rules are undergoing major changes at the present time. It is essential that the right mortgage tool be integrated into both your short and long-term plans for wealth accumulation, because your home is usually your biggest investment and also the way that most people begin to accumulate wealth.

I will evaluate your overall financial plan and use mortgage financing as a tool to assist you in reaching your long-term goals. Working with a professional who is knowledgeable allows you to structure your financing in ways that may secure tax benefits, create better cash flow, and increase net worth.

I look forward to speaking with you soon regarding your current and long- term financial goals. I would also be happy to help your family members or friends who would also like to develop a strategy toward reaching their home ownership goals.