SWBC Mortgage | Greg Goodman

Greg’s goal is to help you achieve your personal and business goals faster and easier than you ever imagined. Whether that goal is buying a home or finding the right team to grow your mortgage career, he has the proven solutions.

He has a team of hard-working professionals who have been successful in the mortgage business since the 1990s. They possess the experience necessary to navigate through today’s mortgage challenges and opportunities.

His passion is to “outwit and outknow” when it comes to industry changes that surround our mortgage careers. By driving this culture, his team is able to consistently outperform the competition by getting our clients to the closing table on time—every time.

Greg enjoys competing in triathlons, noting his recent completion of the MiamiMan. He is actively training for Ironman Florida 2012. Greg draws his inspiration from individuals such as Sister Buder, an 80+-year-old nun committed to faith and fitness, who can still complete full triathlons quicker than Greg and by a significant margin, too. Greg, his wife Alethea, and their 13-year-old hockey-playing son, spend numerous weekends together traveling to and supporting Greg’s various triathlons in the south.